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December 26, 2012

Best Practices for Mentoring – Part 1

by LDI Global Missions

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Here are some simple ways to keep the little things from taking over your life:

1. Ask yourself the question, “Will this matter a year from now?”

Is what you are worked up over going to matter a year from now? If not, don’t let it destroy you today.

2. Practice Humility.

The less compelled you are to try to prove yourself to others, the easier it is to feel peace inside.

3. Remember that you become what you practice the most.

How do you spend your time? What you do is what you become.

4. Every day, tell at least one person something you like, admire, or appreciate about them.

Telling others that you appreciate them takes almost no effort, but pays enormous dividends.

5. Choose your battles wisely.

Every circumstance or problem is not worth the fight. There will always be things and people that don’t do right.

6. Life is a test. It is only a test.

When you look at life as a test, you begin to see each issue as an opportunity to grow.

7. Remind yourself that when you die, your “In Basket” won’t be empty.

The purpose of life isn’t necessarily to get it all done, but to do the right things.

8. Learn to live in the present moment.

“Life is what’s happening while we’re busy making other plans.”

9. Think of what you have, instead of what you want.

The Apostle Paul taught contentment and not always waiting for some future event to happen.

10. Understand the statement, “Wherever you go, there you are.”

We tend to believe that if we were somewhere else, we’d be happy. Whatever you are, that’s what you’ll be wherever you go.

11. Become a better listener.

Most of us are only adequate listeners, but the best gift you can give someone is to listen.

12. Remember, one hundred years from now, all new people.

A hundred years from now, we will all be gone from this planet. Remembering this can help us keep perspective during times of stress.

13. Be grateful when you’re feeling good and graceful when you’re feeling bad.

Good and bad come and go. No one is neither happy nor sad all the time.

14. Resist the urge to criticize.

When we judge or criticize someone, it says nothing about that person; it merely says something about our own need to be critical.

15. See the innocence.

We see them as “guilty” instead of “innocent.” But, when you see others as not trying to hurt you, you can relax.

One of the most frustrating aspects of life is not being able to understand other people’s behavior.

By Tim Pruitt

Download article here: PDF

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