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Speaking Against Others

Years ago while in Bible school, one of our teachers taught us a lesson that I immediately put into practice and this has been a great help in my ministry: When dealing with someone that has passed their limits and should be brought back in line. Read more »


The Ministry of Leadership

The ministry of leadership begins with being cognizant of a beautiful scriptural truth, which is: the sheep belong to God, and not to men. This knowledge has greatly helped to improve the effectiveness of my ministry through the years. A true calling from God followed by submission unto Him, this makes a leader. Read more »


Leadership Principles

1 Kings 12 contains a blueprint for successful leadership within any sphere of influence, be it ministry, business, or family. After the death of his father, King Solomon, Rehoboam prepared to ascend the throne of Israel. Read more »


A Man of God, A Man of Integrity

“Better is the poor that walketh in his integrity, than he that is perverse in his lips, and is a fool”. Proverbs 19:1

With out doubt of all the traits needed in the ministry of highest priority is integrity. It was King David in the Old Testament that spoke of the benefits of integrity. (Psalms 26:1-12) Read more


Seven Tips for Potential Leaders

Tip One – Start Your Quest for Greatness With Character:

  • No building is stronger that its foundation. Pattern your life after strong characterized men.


Read more »


Leading by Example

When Albert Schweitzer, the great humanitarian, was asked if he had any advice for parents about bringing up children, he said, “I only have three principles, three basic rules. One, you only teach by example. Two, by example. Three, by example.” It is the same pattern an effective leader should use. Read more »


Transferring Vision

 There are many leadership principles, but I believe transferring vision is one of the most important. Briefly stating the mechanics of this principle, we will use four laws.

1. See the Vision

The leader must know where he is going. He must understand what he wants for the future. The direction the work or church is to go must be thought through and understood so he can explain it well to those he leads.

2. Sell the People on the Vision

For the leader’s vision to be fulfilled the people must buy into it. The leader must take the people with him. The vision must be transferred from the leader to the people. When it is transferred the vision no longer belongs only to the leader, but it becomes the people’s vision as well. Take the time to transfer. Read more »


Some Things I’ve Learned

  1. Success in the spiritual enterprise is based on commitment.
  2. Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you wanted.
  3. You need to know where you want to go.
  4. Loyalty is productive.
  5. To be productive, I must be responsible.
  6. Not all the old is out of date, nor is all the new acceptable.
  7. Cherish the treasures of the past. Read more »

Characteristics of a Leader

It has been said: “A leader is one who knows the way…goes the way…and shows the way.” Leaders must know how to inspire and motivate, how to bring out the best in others, and how to rally people to accomplish significant pursuits. Read more »