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Developing Leaders While Developing Nations

The challenge of today’s worldwide church is to develop leaders who are capable, anointed, and hungry for the revival and church growth God has promised for the end-time. John Maxwell often says, “Everything rises and falls on leadership!” Leadership studies and development are not only valuable but imperative. We need effective leadership to secure the future of the church. Jesus spent three and a half years developing a leadership team capable—with the Spirit’s empowerment—to lead the church. We are called upon to continue the process; each generation preparing the next for what God has in store.  Read more »


Achieving Greatness as a Leader

Key Scripture: “And whosoever of you will be the chiefest, shall be servant of all” (Mark 10:44).

Greatness in the Kingdom of God does not consist in exercising authority over others but in our labor and service for the welfare of others. In an earthly kingdom, honor and authority measure greatness, but in the Kingdom of God, greatness is measured by humility and service. Service, not status, should be the goal of every spiritual leader.

Oswald Sanders, in his book, Spiritual Leadership, refers to the principle of servant leadership as “the Master’s master principle.”


Desiring to be better leaders, we strive to be servants to the Master, mission and multitude.

  1. Servants to the Master

The leader first becomes a servant to the Lord and His purpose. The leader’s mission and purpose in life, spring from his relationship with God. Nothing is more important than this relationship. Submission to God and His divine mission is vital to servant leadership. Read more »


Practical Leadership

We are inundated today by leadership theories – how to do this, what to say when, or which profiles we should develop or try to emulate. They are not all bad; in fact, most are good and profitable in some way. Many are drawn from the Scriptures. We often take them with a grain of salt and a “Yea, yea, sure, sure.” Perhaps what we need now is not another theory of leadership but the exercise of leadership. Read more »


Criteria for Leaders

When he had Egypt in his rearview mirror, Moses soon discovered that he had an overwhelming task of leading a large group of people – millions, by most estimates. Daunting, indeed. Was he up to the task? It quickly became apparent that he could not singlehandedly provide leadership for all those who needed his direction. Read more »


Seven Tips for Potential Leaders

Tip One – Start Your Quest for Greatness With Character:

  • No building is stronger that its foundation. Pattern your life after strong characterized men.


Read more »