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Posts from the ‘J. R. Ensey’ Category


Practical Leadership

We are inundated today by leadership theories – how to do this, what to say when, or which profiles we should develop or try to emulate. They are not all bad; in fact, most are good and profitable in some way. Many are drawn from the Scriptures. We often take them with a grain of salt and a “Yea, yea, sure, sure.” Perhaps what we need now is not another theory of leadership but the exercise of leadership. Read more »


Criteria for Leaders

When he had Egypt in his rearview mirror, Moses soon discovered that he had an overwhelming task of leading a large group of people – millions, by most estimates. Daunting, indeed. Was he up to the task? It quickly became apparent that he could not singlehandedly provide leadership for all those who needed his direction. Read more »