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April 9, 2013

Developing Leaders While Developing Nations

by LDI Global Missions

The challenge of today’s worldwide church is to develop leaders who are capable, anointed, and hungry for the revival and church growth God has promised for the end-time. John Maxwell often says, “Everything rises and falls on leadership!” Leadership studies and development are not only valuable but imperative. We need effective leadership to secure the future of the church. Jesus spent three and a half years developing a leadership team capable—with the Spirit’s empowerment—to lead the church. We are called upon to continue the process; each generation preparing the next for what God has in store. 

A good leader develops followers. His success stops when he can no longer lead. I want to be an outstanding leader—a leader of leaders. “Our success, as leaders, is not measured by those following us, but by those following those who are following us” (Saturday Independent Newspapers Limited). Someone once said, “If your vision is for a year, plant wheat; if your vision is for a decade, plant trees; but if your vision is for a lifetime, plant men.” I am planting and nurturing men.

Having a position is not permanent. Having arrived, we need to plan for our successors—the next generation of leaders. Training laborers and nurturing leaders should become a priority. Like Jesus already proved, the future success of the church is dependent on a handful of qualified leaders trained to carry on the leadership task, far after I’ve left the scene. It is not easy to transfer leadership, but it is imperative in order for the church to achieve its full potential. Leadership development should be deliberate and cover all levels of leadership: from local church workers all the way to developing national leaders.

As the church around the world continues to experience revival and church growth, trained leaders need to be available. Step up to the challenge. Develop leaders while developing nations.

by Bruce Howell

Download article here: PDF

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