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July 29, 2012

The Ministry of Leadership

by LDI Global Missions

The ministry of leadership begins with being cognizant of a beautiful scriptural truth, which is: the sheep belong to God, and not to men. This knowledge has greatly helped to improve the effectiveness of my ministry through the years. A true calling from God followed by submission unto Him, this makes a leader.

Accepting leadership and the responsibilities that goes along with being a leader is not particularly comfortable. Following the path that leads to godly leadership is often a lonely road, and one’s plans and enthusiasm may easily be rejected and misunderstood. Leaders and future leaders must realize and prepare themselves to endure hardships in the Lord’s work.

To be a good follower precedes leadership! We are first of all to “come & follow” Jesus. Christ’s call was to follow Him! A real leader is truly a servant of all. Even Christ declared; “the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister” (Mark 10:45).

No one is ever elected to leadership. Public officials are elected to office, but not necessarily to leadership! Service is the only basis: no leader can be made by election! True leadership is the reward of honest, unselfish, service that has won respect!

Leadership is the total person who leads. Leadership involves, spirituality, knowledge, skills, and accumulated experiences. A leader must seek humbly to follow Jesus, to go beyond the ordinary, to deepen his life through prayer, to give Jesus the best, and to stand at the crossroads in His place!

by David A. Robinson

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