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July 17, 2012

Transferring Vision

by LDI Global Missions

 There are many leadership principles, but I believe transferring vision is one of the most important. Briefly stating the mechanics of this principle, we will use four laws.

1. See the Vision

The leader must know where he is going. He must understand what he wants for the future. The direction the work or church is to go must be thought through and understood so he can explain it well to those he leads.

2. Sell the People on the Vision

For the leader’s vision to be fulfilled the people must buy into it. The leader must take the people with him. The vision must be transferred from the leader to the people. When it is transferred the vision no longer belongs only to the leader, but it becomes the people’s vision as well. Take the time to transfer.

3. Plan the Vision

There must be a plan to involve the people in bringing the vision to pass. They must know how they can accomplish the vision. What can I do to help the vision to be fulfilled will be the people’s question.

4. Lead the Vision

The leader must stay involved in the vision. He may have other leaders doing the hands on work, but the people must feel the leader is part of what’s going on. He can’t just give the vision and then leave it to others. He has to stay connected for the people to feel his passion for the project. It will die without his involvement.

by Fred J. Foster

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